What & Where

The first bell rings at 8:53. Please line up with our class on the “Roderique Line” and be prepared to enter right when the bell rings. School begins at 8:56.

For our class, we enter at the Lower Elementary Garden door, near the red climbing bars on the Lower Elementary playground.

We eat a morning snack. Please bring a fruit or vegetable for snack. Recess is at 12:35. Lunch is at 12:55.

Kindergarten Dismissal is at 3:53.  Walkers are taken to the Lower Elementary Garden door, near the lunchroom. Please have your child shake my hand and tell me good-bye before leaving. Busers are walked to the bus with 5th grade helpers.

We have specials classes everyday.

If you need to come to school, please use the front door. You must sign in at the Main Office and wear a yellow Visitor Pass.

You can email me at

Our school website: a2schools.org/burnspark

Our district website: a2schools.org

Burns Park PTO website: